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Arab American Sports and Athletes

Arab American Coaches


Dave Shula
David  Shula was born on may 28, 1959 in Lexington, Kentucky. In Chaminade High School Dave was a star athlete and student, he was an all county football and baseball player, not forgeting he was Salutatorian of his graduating class. Dave studied at Dartmouth College were he continued to be an excelent student and a great sportsman. A couple years later still at Dartmouth College he received a numerous amounts of awards one of wich was that he was the New England player if the year.
As every one would had expected Daves carrer in the NFL wwas magnificent. In 1981 Dave decide to quit as a player and join his dad as receivers coach in the Miami Dolphins. In 1986 after a great season Dave was prometed to assitant head coach/ offensive. His job was so amazing that he led the Miami Dolphins to 64 wins in 7 years. In 1989 the Dallas Cowboys managed ti sing Dave as their offensive coordinator. He continued his career with the Cincinnati Bengals were he was prometed to head coach in 1992, at age 32 he became the yongest to achive the highets commanding position in the NFL.

Don and Dave Shula

Joseph Robie
Joe Robie was born on July 7 1916 and died January 7 1990. He was an Arab American lawyer and entrepreneur, he was the owner of the Miami Dolphins. He owned the Dolphins from 1966 to 1990. Joe along with Don Shula (father of Dave Shula) led the Dolphins to an amazing 14 and 0 season, plus they won two consecutive superbowls. He also built the world famous Joe Robie Stadium. This stadium was built with private fundings, costing him 115 million dollars. ( few years later the stadiums name was changed to Pro Player Stadium, and in 2004 it was changed again to Dolphins Stadium).

Joe Robbie
Source: Soccer Hall of Fame,

Joe Robbie Stadium